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Atlas Assistance Dogs offers partner and affiliate programs for training organizations that wish to have multiple individuals certified as Atlas Certified Trainers. Atlas works with companies that share our values of non-aversive, positive training methods; ethical treatment of all employees, clients, and dogs; and inclusive policies that welcome any medically qualified client and any dog capable of doing the work.

Atlas’ goal is to increase the availability of Atlas Certified Trainers throughout the country to make it easier for someone who wants a service dog to find skilled, vetted, and qualified trainers in their area. These programs are an important part of meeting that goal. Atlas receives no financial gain from these programs (other than license fees for trainers), and we provide nothing of financial value to the Company.

For the training companies we work with, being an Atlas Partner or Affiliated Company provides a number of benefits:

  • Company client/dog teams who have worked with an Atlas Certified Trainer for at least six months, and are determined by their trainer to be ready, may be sent to Atlas for certification

  • The Company pays a single, discounted application fee and a single, discounted annual renewal fee. Individual trainer application and renewal fees are waived.

  • Trainer certification fees are discounted; discounts increase as the number of trainers increases

  • The Company may market itself as an Atlas Assistance Dogs Partner Training Company or Affiliated Training Company

  • Company trainers receive preferred placement in Atlas Certified Trainer listings

  • The Company has access to Atlas materials to use with their clients and in promotions

Atlas Assistance Dogs Partner Training Company
Atlas Assistance Dogs Affiliated Training Company