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Atlas Assistance Dogs Affiliated Training Company

This model addresses the needs of companies with a smaller number of trainers or who only want to have a subset of their trainers certified as Atlas Certified Trainers. Because the program only requires the Company to have a minimum of three Atlas Certified Trainers, it is a great way for a company to get started in service dog training, or with Atlas, and expand over time. Affiliated Training Companies have the option to change to Partner Training Companies as they either increase in number of employees or decide to send all employees to Atlas for training and certification as Atlas Certified Trainers.

Atlas Assistance Dogs Partner Training Company

This model works well for companies with a larger number of trainers, companies already heavily active in service dog training, and companies who wish to have all their service dog trainers become Atlas Certified Trainers. This model is the simplest for companies to manage when offering clients certification options, as all company trainers meet the requirements for the client to later be certified through Atlas. A company must have at least five Atlas Certified Trainers to be an Atlas Partner Training Company. In addition to the benefits for both programs, Atlas Partner Training Companies receive:​

  • Additional trainer certification discounts

  • The Company’s own listing in the Atlas Trainer listings (in addition to individual trainer listings)

  • Optional co-branding. Company vests may be used with an Atlas logo or Atlas vests may have Company logos added