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Patsy Montowski, Virginia Beach, Virginia

  • Atlas Certified Trainer (Atlas CT)

  • Atlas Team Facilitator Lead

Areas Served
  • Southwestern Virginia

  • Psychiatric
  • Mobility
  • Autism
  • Seizure response
  • Medical incident assist
  • Narcolepsy alert
Trainer's Statement

Patsy has lived in the Virginia Beach area for most of her life. Patsy taught her family dog, Einstein, many different commands and realized she had a passion for dogs and their ability to learn. Einstein’s success inspired her to gain knowledge of a dog’s abilities to help people heal,  knowing they had a constant companion to help them through the day. At one time being somewhat socially awkward, Patsy’s family dog and the dogs that Patsy trained helped her open up to new people.

Patsy started training with a non profit organization in 2010 after learning that the dogs trained would go to veterans suffering from PTSD and children with disabilities. Watching a good friend struggle with PTSD inspired her to learn and grow with the program while also overcoming her own fears. Patsy became the lead academic and special skills instructor for others that also wanted to learn how to become service dog trainers.

Currently Patsy resides in Virginia Beach with her dog Lilly and her ever supportive, dog-loving husband, Kevin.