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Ready to build a strong partnership with your dog and become a successful team?

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Be they your pet, your emotional support animal, or your future service dog, you and your dog are a Team and we welcome you to join our Teams Set in Motion™ program.

Offered for a low rate of only $59.90/3 mo!

Teams Set in Motion™ was originally created for people with disabilities who were training their own dogs to be service dogs because:

  • They couldn’t afford a private trainer or they couldn’t find one near them
  • They didn’t want to wait for years to be placed with an already trained service dog
  • They wanted to do Atlas’ Client Dog Team Certification program but weren’t yet ready

Our goal was to create a training program that could be used as a guide to support their training and give the dog and person a strong foundation. 

As the course progressed and more content was added, we realized how valuable this information was for everyone, especially our four-legged friends. In modern society our pets go more and more places with us, and experience many of the social pressures that working dogs do. 

It’s only fair to give them (and you) a foundation to be successful so we decided to open this program up to everyone.

Who would benefit from this course?

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Companion Pet Dog

A dog who will share their life with you and love you unconditionally.

Future Service Dog

A dog individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person's disability.

Future or Current Emotional Support Dog

A dog who is a companion and the presence of the dog provides comfort to an individual with a disability.

Future Therapy Dog

A dog who has a foundation of training and the necessary temperament to work in social and stressful environments. Their presence alone is beneficial.

Future Facility Dog

A dog who is a specially trained that works with a volunteer or professional in a residential or clinical setting.

Do you want to?

  • Learn more about positive reinforcement – not just the feel-good side but the science behind it?
  • Build a better relationship with your dog – who doesn’t want a dog that WANTS to work with them?
  • Teach your dog to be confident – did you know most fear and aggression starts in dogs who lack confidence?
  • Teach your dog engagement – have you ever watched an agility class and seen the focus and attention the dog pays to their handler?  It’s truly amazing.
  • Understand dog learning theory – there is a lot more behind learning theory than telling your dog good boy and patting them on the head.
  • Understand training methods – there is a lot more behind training methods than just telling your dog to sit or come.
  • Have basic obedience skills – we’re not just talking about at home. We’re talking about in real life situation like the dog park or on walks.
  • Have better husbandry skills – what the heck is that?   That is when your dog is not afraid to go the vet and loves things such as grooming and nail clipping.
  • Become a better dog trainer.
  • Learn the building blocks used to teach disability skills to mitigate disorders.
  • Learn how to teach tricks or fun behaviors to impress your friends.
Want the Details? See the full course Syllabus here.

This video is just one example of retrieval skills that can be taught. Retrieval is a fun skill for many dogs and can be life changing for people with disabilities.

Want more personalized or in-person support?

Consider working with an Atlas Certified Trainer while you go through this course. Having access to these exercises and references is a great way to optimize your work with your trainer.


Only $59.90 per 3 months! (That translates to less than $20 a month) Renew in 3 month increments.

Online and Accessible

Benefit from detailed online instruction including videos, detailed step-by-step directions, and handouts to help you focus your training efforts. Go at your own pace.

Community and Support

Collaborate on-line with others going through this program as well as our Client Certification program. Enjoy virtual Q&A collaboration sessions with the Atlas team every month as well as real time discussions in our facebook group.

Positive and Successful

Create an enthusiastic learner in your dog by using only positive methods. Gain the foundation and skills you both need to work together successfully as a team.

Ready to Apply?

We encourage you to read the FAQs. When you are ready to apply, simply click the link below which will take you to our short online application. You can save your progress and resume at any time.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions.


It depends on you and your dog. Some people may decide to go as quickly as possible and finish in about 3 months. We find most prefer to pace themselves to 6 months. Many decide they like the ongoing support and community and continue longer even after they’ve completed the online content.

Any! Dogs are never too old our young to learn. Please note, the main focus is not puppy raising. It does however cover important topics such as management and building manners in your pup. Basics on crate training and puppy training are covered. All ages of dogs are welcome and Q&A time can cover a wide range of topics, including young pups.

Even if you are working with a private trainer or in a group class, think about all of the questions you have between sessions or additional resources that could help you and your dog be that much more successful. Optimize your time with your trainer thanks to the help and resources of our Teams Set in MotionTM Program.

Many of our Atlas Certified Trainers encourage their clients to take this course while working with them.

Offered at an affordable rate of $59.90/ 3 months. Renewal reminders will be sent as the 3 month period is coming to an end. You may re-subscribe as many times as you like!

You may let us know you wish to conclude the program at any time ( and we will cancel any upcoming payments.  Refunds are not provided for prior/advance payments.

Excellent! This course gives you an excellent foundation. Please read more about our Client (Handler/Dog Team) Certification Program.

You may find you need additional support beyond what this course provides before applying for our program. Our Atlas Certified Trainers are here to help. This course can be an excellent companion to support your work with a private trainer.

Please be aware that completion of this program dog not guarantee acceptance in our Client Certification Program.

No. This program does not go into disability skill training or more specialized Public Access Training. What it does is give you all of the foundations necessary so that you can readily progress to that, or any other applicable training goals next.

You will receive a lot of great info and support and a foundation that can lead you to future certifications you might pursue. This course does NOT certify your dog as a service dog, therapy dog, emotional support dog or facility dog nor does it guarantee their suitability for such work.

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