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Requirements for Atlas Team Facilitators

Atlas Team Facilitators must have at least two years of experience training their own or other dogs. Experienced trainers are good candidates for team facilitators, but clients or clients' family members who have been involved with the dog's training can also be excellent facilitators. We ask that team facilitators agree to at least a one-year commitment during which time they assist at least two clients through training, testing, and certification. As with anyone working with Atlas Assistance Dogs, we ask team facilitators to commit to treating all people and dogs in an ethical, respectful, and non-discriminatory manner and to uphold Atlas' values and standards, including using only non-aversive training and handling methods. 

As an Atlas Team Facilitator, you have a real opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and to gain more experience working with both clients and their dogs. For new Atlas Certified Trainers who may have limited experience working with people with disabilities and service dogs, being a team facilitator is a great way to start. Plus, Atlas Certified Trainers receive CEUs for acting as facilitators.

The team facilitator is a voluntary position, although we do reimburse mileage and other pre-approved travel expenses.

Free, comprehensive training

We provide free training to ensure you can work confidently and effectively with your assigned dog/handler teams. Training is a combination of online courses and an in-person workshop with other facilitators. (Please note that while training is free, travel and lodging costs to attend the in-person workshop are paid by the facilitator.) Upon successful completion, you will become an Atlas Team Facilitator, and you can begin working with clients and their dogs.

Simple application process 

Please be sure to read the FAQs for Atlas Team Facilitators, and feel free to send any questions you may have to

If you are ready to begin, simply download our application package by clicking on the button below and then selecting download at the top of the screen when the package zip file previews in your browser window.

Please start with the document titled "Atlas Team Facilitator- READ ME FIRST," which is our helpful Getting Started Guide.