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Atlas Team Facilitators work hands-on with clients for the six months prior to their certification, helping them introduce and refine their dog’s disability-mitigating tasks, develop the necessary skills for public access, practice self-advocacy, enhance their knowledge about service dog and general disability laws, and work through any challenges the team may encounter. Atlas Team Facilitators are how we ensure our clients are well supported and properly prepared for certification. ​As an Atlas Team Facilitator, you have the opportunity to support and encourage people with disabilities who are working on their own to train their dog as their service dog. Some of our clients train their dog entirely on their own, although most work with a professional trainer.

Atlas Team Facilitator Lead

Atlas Team Facilitator Leads are experienced trainers and other qualified individuals who have taken teams through certification. They are available to answer questions and help the facilitator and client.

Why be an Atlas Team Facilitator? Maybe you are interested in working with people with disabilities and training service dogs but you are not sure where to begin, or perhaps you are not quite ready to commit to making service dog training your full-time business. Maybe you have experience and a little time to spare from your professional training business. This is a great way to explore or expand into the world of service dogs and disability and make a difference while gaining hands-on experience as well as training from experts in the field.


By becoming a team facilitator, you can have a significant impact on the lives of people with disabilities. You form a relationship with the client and the dog and see them through their struggles and successes, all with the support of the Atlas team, including an Atlas Team Facilitator Lead.