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Atlas uses only positive reinforcement methods.  Below are books and items dedicated to helping people implement these methods into their training.  

Thank you for supporting our mission.  When you purchase any items on this page or shop an affiliate link a percentage of your purchase goes directly to helping a person with a disability obtain a life-changing assistance dog. 

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The Atlas Leash™ – the most useful dog lead ever created.

BLD’s special edition design supports Atlas Assistance Dogs®

We’ve teamed up with Atlas Assistance Dogs® to develop this amazing leash design. This will be the best leash you’ve ever used and supports a worthy organization. 

The Atlas Leash ™ 
  • An ultra-long, super-useful, multi-functional dog leash
  • Over 9 feet (2.85 meters) end to end, bolt snap on each end
  • Utilitarian with more than a dozen configurations
  • Makes an 8 ft.,7 ft., 6 ft., and 4 ft. foot lead
  • Hands-Free Leash with many options for any size person or dog: + over-the-shoulder leash OR belt/waist leash

karenpryoracademylogo           Here are a few KPA recommendations:

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Puppy Culture is a complete program of over 50 lessons from whelping box to new home. From early neurological stimulation, to aggression prevention, to potty training and leash walking, it’s all here! Learn from top veterinary behaviorists, breeders, and dog trainers – scientifically proven to greatly improve outcomes for puppies!

With step-by-step instructions on what to do at each critical juncture in the first 12 weeks of life, Puppy Culture if your guide to raising your puppies to be calm enrichment seekers, ready to take on life’s challenges with love and joy to spare.

But what if my puppy is older/younger/not raised with the Puppy Culture program?? Don’t worry! You’re in luck; the short answer is that Puppy Culture is for puppies of all ages. The science-based training and protocols in Puppy Culture are perfect for puppies of all ages.