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Why Atlas Matters

July 2, 2017


Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes; service dogs do as well, and unfortunately, so do the barriers that are all too often put up for people with disabilities. Luckily, service dogs, big and small are there to help people with disabilities thrive and live their lives to the fullest potential.


An assistance dog can impact someone’s life in ways that most may not even imagine. They provide safety and care, and truly help their person navigate the world in ways which may have seemed unattainable for them in the past.


Unfortunately, the obstacles in obtaining a service dog are many.  They include:

-Difficulty in finding a properly qualified trainer or organization

-Expensive training fees

-Discrimination and lack of awareness faced in the community;

It is clear that something must change.


For a long time, service dogs were reserved primarily for the visually impaired, and many people believe this still applies today. We are slowly seeing a shift in common knowledge, and the list of conditions for which service dogs are recognized is growing. Indeed, there are a wide variety of medical conditions for which a person can find true benefit in a service dog. Unfortunately, because everyone's needs are so unique, it is sometimes hard to find a trainer or organization with the ability to cater to their precise  requirements. Especially when it is a medical condition or disability not commonly worked with by service dog trainers.


Here at Atlas, we strive to work with all types of disabilities and medical conditions in order to create the best partnership between dog and handler.


We strive for change to the current system in place for current and future service dog handlers. This change is what you can strive for as well. To all those who advocate for the disabled community, for equal rights and accessibility, whether it be for yourselves or on the behalf of others, to all the invested service dog trainers, we thank you for your past, current, and future work.                                                            


Keep checking our blog as Atlas Assistance Dogs grows and keep learning about service dogs, disability rights, barriers faced by people with disabilities and how our organization can help you or someone you know train or obtain a service dog!

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Why Atlas Matters

July 2, 2017

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