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Atlas Assistance Dogs® is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization. EIN # 81-1852987

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Our Mission​
Atlas Assistance Dogs® strives to eliminate obstacles to obtaining an assistance dog and helps anyone who qualifies under the Americans with Disabilities Act to obtain a certified assistance dog.

What Makes Us Different
​Atlas Assistance Dogs is the only organization that:​

  • Works with all breeds of dogs

  • Certifies qualified privately owned dogs

  • Is not limited to a specific group of people or people with a specific disability

  • Enables training and certification in any location

  • Expands available training and certification resources

Our Vision
Anyone who can benefit from a qualified assistance dog can have one.

Our Values
Humane, ethical treatment of dogs and people

We treat all people and all dogs ethically, compassionately, and as individuals. We partner with trainers, doctors, patients, and researchers to ensure that we employ the most ethical, scientific, and effective training approaches available with each person and each dog in our program.

We promote inclusion and diversity. We welcome and seek out anyone who can benefit from our services. We proudly serve people of every race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, and military status. We also welcome dogs of any breed (and mixed breeds) as long as they have the temperament and the physical ability to be an assistance dog. 

Honesty, integrity, transparency
We value open and straightforward communication. We earn the trust of our constituents by delivering on our promise of providing an expanded pool of highly-skilled, certified assistance dogs. We have high standards in everything we do and set the highest bar for our certification process. What we do matches what we say. Our decisions and finances are fully documented and accurately reported.

We are well organized and well managed. We follow accepted best practices for management, accounting, and documentation. All communication from our organization helps to convey the message that Atlas Assistance Dogs is a serious, competent, and professional organization. 

Boldness and creativity
Our heads and our hearts are fully engaged in exploring ideas, techniques, and technologies that enhance our ability to fulfill our mission. We are scrappy. We find a way.