Kaitlyn Charney

Area Served:

Area Served: Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Northern Maryland


Email: k.charney@ckdogs.com

Phone: 484-222-3539




  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)
  • Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator
  • Atlas Certified Trainer (Atlas CT)
  • Atlas Team Facilitator


  • Psychiatric
  • Mobility
  • Diabetes Alert
  • Autism
  • Allergen Detection
  • Seizure Response
  • Medical Incident Assist
  • Hearing Alert
  • Narcolepsy Alert

Trainer's Statement

I have had an overwhelming passion for animals for my entire life. Growing up, nature documentaries fed my intense
curiosity for animal behavior and how it works. I also loved and continue to enjoy exploring the outdoors, birding, and
watching other wildlife. Dreams of becoming a veterinarian quickly changed in college.

While finishing my bachelor’s degree in conservation and wildlife management, I found that my true passion is teaching.
Learning new things and sharing them with others in order to spread enthusiasm and harmony is what makes me
happiest in life.

I have an intimate understanding of animal behavior and its scientific study, as well as a powerful love of problem
solving, so dog training came naturally to me while growing up with my own dogs. I decided to pursue ecological
research jobs after college, but then a break between seasonal jobs led me to work as a trainer at a pet store in 2011. In
2014 I began working as a service dog trainer and the rewards gained by helping others have been immeasurable.
I continue to seek out new learning opportunities to gain as much knowledge as possible. I truly see every challenge as
an exciting opportunity to learn and face every one with a determined smile.