Atlas Assistance Dogs

Thank You for your interest in Atlas Assistance Dogs!

Atlas Certified Trainers are independent, private trainers who are not employees or contractors of Atlas. They set their own rates and have their own specialties that are independent of Atlas’ Client Certification program. 

By completing our rigorous training program, Atlas Certified Trainers have demonstrated the highest level of skill and experience with training service dog/handler teams. They have shown that they have an ethical and compassionate understanding of how to train a handler/dog team to work together effectively to help meet the client’s needs.  They have pledged to use only Atlas-approved positive methods with all dogs and people they work with. 

Atlas trainers are a great option to help you find a dog, provide significant training support including potential boarding options, work through behavior issues, and get you and your dog on the path to be an excellent working team. 

Atlas encourages you to apply to become an Atlas client once you and your dog are ready, and your trainer is welcome to accompany you in that journey and be a part of the team. 

Please contact Atlas Certified Trainers directly to inquire about their services. 

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