Cynthia Wilmot

Area Served:

Central Illinois



Phone: 309-221-2306


  • Atlas Certified Trainer (Atlas CT)


  • Mobility
  • Medical Incident Assist

Trainer's Statement

I began my dog training adventure over a decade ago when I joined paws4people. After making it through their program, I decided to dedicate my life to training. I have seen the impact dogs can have on people and the many ways in which they enrich our lives. Atlas is very special to me because I truly believe that anyone who could benefit from a service dog should be able to have one. It’s exciting to know that I can help empower people and give them a level of independence they might not otherwise have. I don’t think people give dogs the credit they deserve. They are intelligent, loving, loyal, and highly competent. I have an effective platform to spread that information far and wide.