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Client (Handler/Dog Team) Certification

Receive hands on support and training teaching/refining disability skills, learning how to work in all public settings you frequent, and gain the knowledge and confidence to self-advocate. Become an Atlas Certified Assistance Dog Team.

Trainer Certification

We are creating a network of experienced trainers with demonstrated skills in dog training and well-being, client training and support, and specialized training for service dog/handler teams. Sign up for our training and certification program and expand your knowledge in this highly needed area.

Team Facilitator Certification

Our Atlas Team Facilitators work with clients who have trained their own service dogs, either on their own or with a trainer. The facilitators help the team through their final six months of training, working with them to refine their skills, help develop the dog's skills in mitigating the client's disability, and prepare the team for the Public Access Test. 

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Our instruction and certification ensure all Atlas Certified Trainers and Atlas Team Facilitators use ethical, scientifically sound, modern and effective approaches. Clients can trust in a level of excellence when they know they are working with an Atlas Certified Trainer or Team Facilitator. Atlas is a client and dog-centric organization. In all actions we take, in all decisions we make, we look at how we can do better for our clients and their dogs.