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dog laying in grass on his back

Keep Cool With Your Dog

HOORAY for Summer!! Sunshine, and lots of fun outside with your dogs; swimming, hiking, parks, dog friendly beaches, camping and ...
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a graphic drawing of a yellow service dog. His paws are up on the lap of a woman who is hugging him.

Disability Pride Month; Bringing Visibility to Invisible Disabilities

Why Disability Pride Matters July is disability pride month. Though many are not aware of it, disability pride has been ...
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A selection of dog enrichment toys of various sizes and colors

The COVID-19 shelter at home and your dog: Tips to help you prevent separation anxiety issues before they start

Our dogs and possibly our cats are quite happy to have their humans around so much more than Pre COVID-19 ...
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Allison and Charlie: A Migraine Alert Dog in Action

Migraine experiences vary widely. Every person's experience is different and can involve a combination of symptoms, both painful, visual, and ...
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Happy Pet Appreciation Week

Whether a dog is hard at work assisting its handler or simply provides cuddly companionship, Atlas recognizes all beloved dogs ...
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Are Service Dogs Happy? How Do We Know?

Are service dogs happy? The question is one that often occurs to well-meaning people that worry about the quality of ...
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Social Media’s Effect On The Service Dog Community

Unrealistic Expectations Social media - particularly Instagram - has created unrealistic ideals in many ways. We scroll through the edited ...
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Keeping Your Dog Safe: 4 Hidden Dangers to Dogs.

-Catherine Sampson Many of us know the common foods and plants that are toxic to dogs. You may know that ...
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