Atlas Assistance Dogs

Life of a Service Dog

A service dog can play a crucial role in the life of a disabled person, and there are many incredible ...
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Finding the Right Housing With Your Service Dog

Service dogs are trained to provide assistance with a host of tasks to help mitigate their person’s disability. They can ...
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cartoon of person high fiving dog

Atlas has Earned Assistance Dogs International Candidacy

We are proud to announce that Atlas Assistance Dogs has earned candidacy with Assistance Dogs International (ADI)! ADI is a ...
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cartoon image of Arrow the dog walking towards a sign with a V on it. There are 3 exclamation marks above Arrow's head. Arrow has a frown.

7 Signs Your Dog Needs Medical Attention

As a pet or service dog parent, taking your fur baby to the veterinarian for vaccinations and an annual physical ...
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cartoon of a black and white dog laying on top of a person's legs

Why Service Dogs Matter

If you are a service dog handler, trainer, or part of the disability community, this may be a no brainer ...
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Service Dog Etiquette: How to Interact with Service Dogs

Many people are canine fans, so it stands to reason that when they meet a dog, their initial reaction is ...
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It’s Okay To Not Take Your Service Dog Everywhere

“Where’s your service dog today? If you don’t have him with you all the time, then you must not really ...
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a golden retriever service dog laying in the grass

What You Should Know About Service Dogs

Most of us are familiar with service dogs to some extent. However, there’s a lot more to learn about their ...
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