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Service dogs save lives. Be the difference in someone's life by helping them obtain a life-changing service dog.

Thanks to your support, we've raised $6,430.90 so far on this campaign!

WE have a generous $5000 matching donation offer! Double your donation now! Our campaign ends 9/30. Please donate today!

Service dogs make an incredible impact in the lives of their handlers. They can:

  • Detect and alert to seizures, low blood sugar, and other physiological changes
  • Provide balance support, walking assistance, open and close doors, and retrieve items such as phones, keys, or vital medication
  • Interrupt panic attacks, nightmares, or self-harming behaviors
  • Go alert a family member that the person is having an emergency

Service dogs provide freedom, independence, and allow their person to thrive. Be the difference in someone’s life and help them obtain a life-saving service dog!

Our services expands access to service dogs for people who would greatly benefit from one and who might not be able to obtain one through traditional means. Your contribution today helps people with disabilities train their own service dog at a significantly low cost, with extensive and caring support, and without being on a waitlist for years. 

Thank you for supporting Atlas and disabled individuals who would benefit from a service dog. Your help means everything to us!  You are the difference.

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