Atlas Trainer Academy

There is a huge need for qualified service dog trainers.

Atlas Assistance Dogs is dedicated to expanding the pool of knowledgeable and ethical service dog trainers who will be able to help individuals with disabilities train their dogs to help mitigate their disabilities and thrive every day with their dog at their side.

Atlas’ Trainer Academy gives experienced dog trainers the knowledge and tools needed to support their clients in the training of their service dog.

“I can't say enough about the academy. I loved the ongoing support I received along with the understanding and knowledge I gained on how to work with clients with disabilities. I have totally changed my training methods and adapted all positive reinforcement. I would recommend these courses to anyone who wants to broaden their dog training skills.”
Shelly Phillips

Benefits of Atlas Trainer Certification


You can advertise as an Atlas Certified Trainer


You are listed on our website and given client referrals


You have access to Atlas’ materials to use with your clients and on your website as well as Atlas' trainer network for ongoing support


Learn from content developed by experts in the field, including Sweet Snoopers® Diabetes and scent training.


You earn 21 CEUs for KPA and CCPDT

Our courses are a mix of text, videos, case studies, on-line resources and one-on-one support, featuring positive reinforcement for better communication.  Click below to find out more details on our program.


Proficiency in people skills – understand how to work with someone with a disability, gain excellent communication skills, and learn the value of integrity.

Proficiency in dog skills – learn about comprehensive dog theory, body language, communication, and training approaches.

Proficiency in service dog training – get a deeper understanding of the world of disabilities and learn how to teach and apply a wide range of service dog skills such as mobility, medical, and psychiatric tasks.

Proficiency in many modalities of training – learn how to train based on scent, time of day, state of body, laser, hand, and many other types of cues.

Training Program development – benefit from review of your existing programs and facility as well as and expert advice on development of new service dog program offerings.

More Than Training a Dog

Please read the FAQs about our Trainer Academy

When you click on the link below a zip file will be downloaded that contains our application package. Please start with the document titled “Trainers- READ ME FIRST,” which is our helpful Getting Started Guide.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions.



It will depend on how much time you spend each week on the courses. We highly encourage trainers to complete the program within six to nine months.

Yes. Certification fees for Atlas Certified Trainers can be paid in up to 3 installments. One-third of total payment is due at the time the trainer is accepted by Atlas and begins the Atlas training courses. The remaining parts are due in two-month increments. Trainers may begin courses but will not have access to the service specialty training classes until all fees are paid.

Price range varies from $2,313 to $3,370. We give credits for experience and qualifications, and offer test outs.

Debby Kay’s Sweet Snoopers® Medical Scent Detection Course is integrated in our Service Dog training curriculum. If you wish to take it alone, you can. It is $495. Just contact us.