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Service Dog Trainer Program

Want to answer YES when clients ask you if you can help train their service dog?

Our courses are designed for the experienced dog trainer wishing to expand their knowledge, skill set and grow their business.

All courses are self-paced and online through a mixed-media platform.

a young woman sitting on a bench with her service dog with his 2 front paws up on her lap. The dog is a black poodle and is wearing a vest and a mobility harness.

Common learning styles and teaching skills

Ethical principles and behaviors when training

Communication, listening, interpersonal skills

Planning and setting up training sessions

Confidentiality and professionalism

People Modules

Communication, leadership, instruction, compassion, and professionalism

Teach and adapt based on your client’s individual needs, desires, and abilities. Understand non-verbal communication and stress signals in clients.  Learn the best approaches to teaching clients with disabilities.

A woman laying down with her hands over her head. Her service dog is tucked under her head

Teach a dog how to ground and calm their person down during a panic attack.  

Animal learning theory

Dog development and physiology

Puppy socialization and rearing

Dog body language & communication

Dog health, maintenance, and preventative care

Methods and use of training equipment

Dog training approaches including planning and carrying out training sessions

Dog Fitness

Dog Modules

Dog behavior, development, health, communication, learning theory and training.

Gain further knowledge about dogs, especially as it pertains to service dogs

Teach a dog how to help their person hike safely and independently.


Choice of dog appropriate for service work

The Americans with Disabilities Act and relevant laws

Understanding disabilities

How to be a successful trainer when working with clients with disabilities

Developing your service dog program

Atlas’ Public Access Test

Foundational disability concepts and tasks

Balance and mobility tasks

Medical alert and response tasks

Psychiatric and cognitive tasks

Sweet Snoopers® scent detection training by Debby Kay

Service Work Modules

Disability law, people with disabilities, service dog specialties

Understand the world of disability and service dogs.  Learn about medical and psychiatric conditions and how to train a dog to help mitigate those conditions.  Appreciate that training a service dog is more than just working with the dog.

Pricing varies from $2889 to $3770 depending on experience.  

Credit for experience as well as certifications that can save you over 25% on tuition! Are you a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner? CCPDT-KA? Have experience as an educator? Those are just a few of the credentials we recognize. 

Learn More About Our Program

Read our Atlas Certified Trainer Program document to find out how it all works.

Download our full Academy Syllabi to get additional details.

Read our Atlas Trainer Policies that all Trainers need to follow to ensure our clients and their dogs are treated ethically and with respect.

Ready to Apply?

We encourage you to read the FAQs as well as the above program documents. When you are ready to apply, simply click the link below which will take you to our online application. You can save your progress and resume at any time.

Feel free to contact info@atlasdog.org if you have any questions.

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