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Atlas Assistance Dogs® is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization. EIN # 81-1852987

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Atlas Assistance Dogs Academy

For experienced dog trainers who want to learn how to train service dogs for people with disabilities. 

Why Atlas?

Atlas is developing a network of qualified trainers to make it easier for people with disabilities to locate a proficient assistance dog trainer.  It can be extremely triggering and expensive for a person with a disability to obtain an already trained assistance dog.  There is a huge need for qualified assistance dog trainers who can support these individuals in the endeavor to train their own dogs.  Atlas will provide the experience, knowledge and instruction for an experienced dog trainer to become a successful assistance dog trainer. 

Get Certified

From foundation skills to advanced service dog skills, our extensive courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know to successfully work with a client/dog team.  The courses are a mix of text slides, videos, on-line resources and one-on-one support.

The courses are broken up into separate sections.

  • Proficiency in people skills – understanding how to work with someone with a disability, how to set up training plans and the importance of communication and integrity.

  • Proficiency in dog skills – understanding animal learning theory, a dog’s development and physiology, body language and communication, healthy, training equipment, and training approaches.

  • Proficiency in service dog training – learning mobility, medical and psychiatric service dog skills. Understanding and learning how to set up your client for success in public, the laws and rights of the client.

And so much more…

Our Mission

Atlas Assistance Dogs® strives to eliminate obstacles to obtaining an assistance dog and helps anyone who qualifies under the Americans with Disabilities Act to obtain a certified assistance dog.

What Makes Us Different
Atlas Assistance Dogs is the only organization that:

  • Works with all breeds of dogs

  • Certifies qualified privately owned dogs

  • Is not limited to a specific group of people or people with a specific disability

  • Enables training and certification in any location

  • Expands available training and certification resources

Our Vision

Anyone who can benefit from a qualified assistance dog can have one.

Our Values

Humane, ethical treatment of dogs and people
We treat all people and all dogs ethically, compassionately, and as individuals. We partner with trainers, doctors, patients, and researchers to ensure that we employ the most ethical, scientific, and effective training approaches available with each person and each dog in our program.

See what other trainers are saying about our academy.

“I can say enough about the academy.  I loved the ongoing support I received along with the understanding and knowledge I gained on how to work with clients with disabilities. I have totally changed my training methods and adapted all positive reinforcement. I would recommend these courses to anyone who wants to broaden their dog training skills.”  Shelly Phillips

The Academy's On-line Courses Make Learning Easy

These online courses are available when you are, wherever you are. Our courses are offered on Canvas an easy and user friendly learning platform. Each course  features instructor support, comprehensive PowerPoint slides and videos. Courses vary in duration. Pricing depends on the level of your dog training experience and which courses you will need to complete your certification.  Experience the joy of learning  on your time and schedule.

You've joined us at a very exciting time as we have just added several new updates, including the completion of the Service Dog Tasks courses mobility, psychiatric and medical.