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April Updates- Meet the Atlas Volunteers — Plus, New Ways to Train with Us!

Atlas has over 60 volunteers in total — today, we’d like to introduce you to five members of this awesome crew.

April Updates- Meet the Atlas Volunteers — Plus, New Ways to Train with Us!

Many people may not be aware that Atlas only has one full time employee. Everyone else is a volunteer! Our volunteer staff helps with outreach, marketing, program development, IT, training and more.

Atlas has over 60 volunteers in total — today, we’d like to introduce you to five members of this awesome crew.

Meet the Atlas Volunteers

a photo collage of 5 atlas volunteers.

Dani (top left)

If you’ve been involved with Atlas as a trainer, client, or fellow volunteer you may have met Dani! She’s an awesome interviewer who reaches out to many people within the Atlas orbit to collect stories, testimonials, and interviews (some of which you’ve read on this blog). Dani’s work helps us spread awareness about disability and service dog training. She loves volunteering with Atlas because “it combines my passions for mental health awareness, inclusion, and animals!”

Hallie (top center)

Atlas trainers benefit from Halle’s amazing organizational skills. Her volunteer contributions have been essential to the launch of major courses in the Atlas Trainer Academy. Hallie said that “volunteering with Atlas has been a welcoming and immersive experience, and I have met some truly wonderful people. I am continually impressed and inspired by the organization’s commitment to its mission as well as by the many dedicated volunteers who are instrumental in helping bring that mission to life.”

Sandeep (bottom left)

Atlas, like many organizations, had to make some fast, technology-focused changes in 2020 — and Sandeep has made it possible for us! As a technology volunteer, Sandeep improved our back-end processes and implemented crucial technology updates. Now, our workflows are far more user friendly and accessible to everyone. Sandeep says he is “truly inspired and fascinated by the work Atlas is doing and I’m grateful that I have been able to help. A big shoutout to everyone at Atlas who have adopted the new normal and continue to support people in their community.”

Sabine (bottom center)

As a volunteer Team Facilitator, Sabine works directly with Atlas clients and their dogs. She always goes above and beyond to support everyone working with Atlas. Sabine says, “in Atlas, I have found an incredibly passionate and dedicated group of people that go above and beyond to fill a great need in the community. Atlas shares my values and high standards of ethical dog training using positive reinforcement and treats each client with respect.”

Joe (bottom right)

If you’ve seen a cute little black-and-white dog cartoon around the Atlas blog or training materials, you’ve seen Joe’s artistry at work. Joe is our talented graphic design volunteer and illustrator who created the dog (named Arrow!) Joe’s illustrations allow us to provide visual depictions of every skill an Atlas dog learns to do. These visual aids help trainers and facilitators learn how to train these skills to others.

Atlas Volunteering Opportunities

While Dani, Hallie, Sandeep, Sabine and Joe are just five of our volunteers, we want to thank our entire crew for the impact they make on so many people and dogs.

We have volunteers located around the world — and we’d love to have your help, too! We are always seeking volunteers with a variety of skill sets to help us with operations, administration, advocacy, medical and mental health matters, and more. Learn how to sign up as an Atlas volunteer or take the first steps to becoming a Team Facilitator!

Give Your Dog a Great Foundation

man holding a young chocolate lab on shoulders

Have you heard about our newest program? Teams Set in Motion™ is an online course developed to help build positive training skills and improve the bond between owner/handler and dog. By taking the course, students will learn how to help their dog:

  • Build confidence and engagement
  • Learn impulse control
  • Develop basic obedience and husbandry skills
  • Become better learners

While the course does not train or certify a dog to become a service dog, it’s a great first step toward getting your dog ready for a new role as a service dog, emotional support dog, or therapy dog. It’s also great for anyone who simply wants to improve their pet’s skills and obedience!

Learn more about the Teams Set in Motion™ program and see if it might be right for you and your dog.

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