February 2021 Updates

February 2021 Updates

February 2021 Newsletter

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2021 has just begun and we are eagerly moving forward, one snowy paw at a time. In January, we attended Clicker Expo virtually. We were thrilled to present to such a wide audience who got to attend from around the globe. We are making continuous advancements and progress on upcoming new programs, we proudly certified one of our hard-working teams, and we have even been guest speakers on several podcasts, allowing us to spread awareness about service dogs. We are hopeful and look forward to a year filled with many more opportunities.

Thank You For Your Generosity

At the end of 2020 we asked for your support, and you came through. Thanks to all our incredible donors and contributors, we were able to raise over $4,000! These funds will help us continue to directly support individuals with disabilities train their own service dog and gets us closer to fully launching our Assistance Dog Set in Motion™ program. We are sincerely grateful to anyone who has donated or supported Atlas in any way. Know that you are making a direct impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

Congratulations to our Latest Certified Team!

Please help us celebrate Beth and Harvey on becoming an Atlas Certified Team. These two have put so much time and effort into training together, and their hard work has paid off. Thanks to Harvey as her hearing alert dog, Beth can safely and confidently navigate her daily life.

A special thank you to Paul and Jen, Beth’s Team Facilitators, who supported her through this challenging, yet extremely rewarding process. Beth has also told us how much she has learned about Harvey as she was training him as her service dog: “It really has changed my perspective about how we should, and can, relate to animals to improve their world“. It is clear that Beth looks out for Harvey just as much as he looks out for her. Congratulations to this great team!

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Learn more about how Harvey helps Beth and about what hearing alert dogs can do in our blog post “Hearing Alert Dogs in Action“.

Become an Atlas Team Facilitator

Atlas is recruiting new Team Facilitators so that even more teams like Beth and Harvey can get the support they need as they train their service dog. If you want to work hands-on with Atlas clients, increase your knowledge and skills working with people with disabilities and service dogs, and join a community of compassionate individuals, all working towards increasing access to service dogs, then you might just be one of our next Team Facilitators.

We are happy to announce that our next workshop will be held in June 2021, all virtually. Applications are now open and must be submitted by April 1st at the latest (including references) in order to allow for enough time to complete the online courses prior to the workshop.

Please visit our Team Facilitator page to learn more about this exciting volunteer role and its requirements, or contact us at with any questions.

Atlas Spreads the Word!

Atlas co-founder and vice president Jennifer was a guest on the Fibromyalgia Podcast. She discussed ESAs, service dogs, and how a dog can help someone with a fibromyalgia live a full and rich life. 

Atlas’ Director of Operations and Programs Molly was a guest on the Doggy Dojo podcast, to recount her experience with her own seizure alert dog and so much more about what service dogs can do!

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