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Because anyone who would benefit from a qualified assistance dog should be able to have one®

Want to train your service dog?

Receive hands on support and training in how to teach and/or refine disability skills.

Want to be a service dog trainer?

Sign up for our Atlas Trainer Academy and expand your knowledge of this highly needed area.

Want to work hands on with clients?

Become an Atlas Team Facilitator and help teams through their final six months of training.

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Volunteer with us and find out other ways to contribute and serve our community.

Our Mission

Atlas Assistance Dogs® strives to eliminate obstacles to obtaining an assistance dog and helps anyone who qualifies under the Americans with Disabilities Act to obtain a certified assistance dog.

Service Dog

What Makes Us Different

Atlas Assistance Dogs is the only organization that:

  • Works with all breeds of dogs
  • Certifies qualified privately owned dogs
  • Is not limited to a specific group of people or people with a specific disability
  • Is not limited to one geographic region
  • Requires that only the least invasive, scientifically and ethically sound training methods be used
  • Expands available training and certification resources

Train Your Service Dog

Succeed and thrive with your dog by your side

Benefit from one-on-one support and guidance in training your service dog. 

Atlas supports people with disabilities wanting full participation in the training of their service dog. Atlas clients are paired with Atlas Team Facilitators who will meet with them twice a month for at least six months before being eligible for their Public Access Test and Atlas certification. 

Atlas Certified Trainers are experienced, ethical private trainers who can provide more in depth training and help to move teams towards Atlas’ certification program.

Trainer Certification

Atlas’ Trainer Academy gives experienced dog trainers the knowledge and tools needed to support their clients in the training of their service dog. 

Team Facilitator

Atlas Assistance Dogs is dedicated to expanding the pool of knowledgeable and ethical service dog trainers who will be able to help individuals with disabilities train their dogs to help mitigate their disabilities and thrive every day with their dog at their side. 


Get Involved


Help Atlas Assistance Dogs expand the availability of well-trained services dogs to all who need them.


We need volunteers to help in many areas: See if you'd like to be part of the team.

Featured Sponsors and Contributors

Atlas exists because of the strong support of many volunteers, organizations, and individuals all working tirelessly. We thank all of you for your efforts. 

We want to especially thank these contributors for their involvement and support of Atlas.


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